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Periodic Service

Periodic Maintenance Service is a schedule of planned maintenance activities aimed to prevent any breakdowns and failures of your car. It saves money on repairs in the future too. PMS has proved that it costs less to maintain the car than to repair it.

running repairs

The services required in the car, when a part is not working in right condition or may have worn out to the point that replacement or repairs are required to maintain the performance of your car.

Dent & Paint

Denting and painting are of two components: One is removing dents, scratches on the vehicle's external body are removed and re-made to look like how it looked before deformation. The second is painting the body with the nearest matching paint.

Spare Parts

A spare Part is an item that contains various components in a unit and has a specific function. Spare parts are widely used in various types of vehicles, so the types are also very diverse. Spare parts certainly have their uses, but there are work systems that are interrelated with other parts.

Some of Our Services

Car Ac Services & Repair​

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Tyres And Wheels Care​

Insurance Claims​

Detailing Services​

Roadside Assistance


Car Windshield Replacement​


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My car's engine was making weird noises on starting. I was clueless about this so I looked for someone who can help me out this and ended up with GaadiFix. Within few minutes of inspection, they were able to diagnose the problem and fix it. The service was quite fast and cost-effective
Mohd. Kaif
I'm quite impressed with GaadiFix. I got quotes from them and they were very reasonable. Their customer service was also very good
Jay Pandey

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